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Newport 485 Marin long-term rental master bedroom from August

485 Marin

Lease Term
12 months and above
485 Marin11
Listing Updated: 2023-06-09 20:30:04


Newport 485 Marin whole lease from August [Room type] 485 Marin 2b2b master bedroom for rent [Lease period] One year full lease 2023.8.1-2024.7.31 can be renewed 【Fee】Monthly rent 2000, no intermediary fee, Internet fee and electricity fee must be paid by oneself [Facilities] Gym, activity room, study room, terrace, 24-hour dloorman, the front desk can collect express delivery [Transportation] 8 minutes walk to Newport Path Station, 10 minutes to the island, 20 minutes to the main campus of New York University, 25 minutes to Parsons, and 30 minutes to the Midtown Campus of New York University [Surroundings] Newport Center, Shoprite, CVs, target [Room] Indoor washing and drying, super large master bedroom, separate bathroom walk-in closet [Roommate] Two working ladies in the side sleeping living room are super nice Girls only, if you are interested, you can private message to see pictures and videos

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