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New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone
New York's Safe Zone

New York's Safe Zone

Listing Updated:2022-02-28 22:33:18

Last Sunday, February 13th, if it was in previous years, many people were looking forward to the following Valentine's Day or the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, but for the Chinese living in New York this year, But it was a frightening day. On this day, an Asian woman, Christina Lee, was followed into the room by an African-American Homeless (homeless) Assamad Nash in her apartment building in Chinatown, and was then brutally murdered.


Therefore, it seems that which area is safer to live in New York has become the first appeal of everyone looking for a house. Today, Meiwo will take stock of those "green light areas" in New York.



 Long Island City

The first is Long Island City, where the crime rate is only 0.19%. The reason why this area is safe is that the apartment buildings here are denser. Around the main street of Jackson Ave, there is usually a lot of traffic. Even at night, there are people coming and going. There are often police cars patrolling the vicinity, so the chance of encountering danger here is lower and it is easier to get help if something happens. In addition, the apartments here are almost all 24-hour doorman, and some buildings are equipped with credit card elevators, which really makes people feel very safe.


Rental Apartments: JACKSON PARK, Eagle Lofts, 5 Pointz

Condos for sale: Skyline, Star Tower, Nova




When it comes to safety, Flushing has to be on the list. Walking on the streets of Flushing, there will be a feeling of returning to the country and rubbing shoulders. Places with many Chinese people naturally give people a sense of security.

Other than that, there are really not many Homeless in Flushing compared to other boroughs of New York. Plus the district police station is on Union St, which is adjacent to Main Street! You can encounter police patrols anytime, anywhere, and the sense of reliability is full.


Rent and sell real estate:

Sky View, Flushing Common



Luo Dao


Long Island City, across the river from Long Island City, also has one of the lowest crime rates in New York City.


However, people who go out a lot should consider living here, because public transportation is really not convenient here. Of course, you can ignore this if you have a car.


Rental Apartments: Manhattan Park, Octagon



Jersey City


Jersey City, across the river from the Isle of Man, is also a favorite safe area. In addition to the denser buildings and traffic, Hudson River has also helped us block the Homeless from New York, making it a safer neighborhood.


According to reliable sources, at 90 o'clock in the evening, a girl will not feel afraid to walk downstairs alone. However, despite this, it is recommended that you avoid traveling at night!


Rental Apartments: The Beach, The Ellipse, 351 Marin

Condos for sale: 99 Hudson, Park&Shore



Concluding remarks 

This past weekend, New York's subways had another rough two days! In a 48-hour period, seven passengers were hit by random attacks in a row. The latest subway safety plan was announced Monday, and it must be a good plan for New Yorkers!


Meiwo here reminds everyone to pay attention to whether you are being followed when you go home at night, and remember to close the door! I hope all of you living in New York can spend every day safely.