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Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide
Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide
Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide
Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide
Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide

Jackson Park Resident Experience & Guide

Listing Updated:2022-03-09 20:46:15

Long Island City, as the largest community on the west side of Queens in New York City, is also the fastest growing community in recent years. Across a river. Fast and convenient transportation connects the two major communities of the Isle of Man and Queens, coupled with the rapid establishment of various high-end apartment buildings, making LIC a new place for working and schooling families in Manhattan.

When it comes to a place to live, I have to talk about the most eye-catching luxury apartments in LIC, the landmark building of LIC—&mdash ; Jackson Park. Since the beginning of 2018, the presence of Jackson Park is no one can ignore. Because it is a new building with excellent facilities, and the price is much lower than the luxury building on the Isle of Man, it has become very popular for a while.


[Location & Transportation]

JP has three phases, all of which will be completed and put into use in 2018.

These three buildings, together with various buildings newly developed in the surrounding long island city, constitute a high-end fashionable and very lively community. Said to be a new way of living. The area where the building is located is very safe and the traffic is very convenient. Downstairs is the Queens Plaza subway station. I was once shocked when I looked up at the subway station and saw Jackson Park! The three lines E, M and R can go directly to the Isle of Man, and there are other subways and public transportation around, such as queensboro plaza and court square two subway stations. Moreover, the location of the building is very close to the transportation hub of Long Island City, which is convenient for travel and saves a lot of time. 2 minutes walk to EM7NRW and 13 minutes to Midtown by subway. There are many shops and restaurants with different styles around, there are delicious burger restaurants and Mexican restaurants, and it is also very close to the Chinese settlement and flushing China Town, which will satisfy your Chinese stomach within half an hour!


[Building Amenities]

The editor of the building has visited the building several times. There are also many good friends living in the building. The building facilities can be said to be the star of JP. 's signature, and there are new discoveries every time. First of all, the cookies from Leasing Office are delicious! (Cross out!) The Amenities of the building has a 5-story podium with more amenities than you can imagine! ! ! From the gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, yoga room, dog park, outdoor barbecue, indoor and outdoor children's play area, to the public space in the building, it can meet the needs of gathering with friends and working alone.

Not only that, there is a 1.6 Acre open private park between the three buildings, which is one of the few private green areas in New York City. luxury apartment. JP's indoor facilities are not only complete, but the key is to be very considerate. It is not a random facade or a reason to increase rents, but a real existence, allowing residents to experience a young and energetic lifestyle.


[Interior Amenities]

The elevators in the building all directly reach the living floor through a very smart card swiping method, which is very safe and fast. The door of each household is opened by swiping a card, and as soon as you enter the door, a smart device controls the entire apartment. The rooms are all paved with white desert oak floors. Each unit is equipped with GE kitchen equipment, a German Bloomberg washer and dryer, and the floor-to-ceiling windows can see a long way to the scenery. The sunlight is bright but soft, and the blinds are very strong. Controlled air conditioning. Brand kitchen appliances, USB charging ports, various storage spaces and walk in closet distribution and settings are very reasonable, very suitable for care. It can be said to be very livable!

Having said that, do you want to move into this high-standard luxury apartment immediately? Don't worry, in the real estate service department of New York International Students Network, which specializes in finding housing for everyone, we judge a building based on the principle of objectiveness.

Combining with the JP residents around us, here is a simple and clear experience feedback—


The transportation is really convenient, there is a subway station in front of the building, E, M, R , Metro Line 7.

24hr doorman, swipe card to go to the floor, high security.

Super luxurious facilities, including Club, library, gym, swimming pool, garden, mahjong table , rooftop, you can stay at home healthy.



Mailroom management is a bit messy, and there are missing pieces.

The hot water supply system occasionally has problems. Some rooms may leak in winter, but the building will take care of it right away.

Due to the centralized air duct design of the kitchen in the American apartment, there may be odors between the houses&mdash ;—This is even more serious in the crowded JP. It is a little embarrassing to often know the menu of the day next door or downstairs.