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The Rental Traps

Listing Updated:2022-04-14 14:55:35

The repeated outbreak of the epidemic should make us students in New York the most uneasy. It is better to find a temporary sublease than to sign a one-year leasing and be firmly "locked in". Live first, then you can slip away at any time depending on the situation. So this year, Meiwo officials received many requests for subletting from students. But the subletting routine is as deep as the sea. You think it is cheap, but in fact, a large wave of hidden dangers that you do not understand is coming. Today, Meiwo will analyze the problems caused by unscrupulous subletting.



Unscrupulous subletting 

A classmate's house lease this year is about to expire. Thinking that the building has not been released yet, he plans to ask about the sublet housing first. Conversation as follows:

Everyone must pay attention to the tenants who are unwilling to sign the contract. This kind of subletting without even the basic contract, the deposit may not be returned!


After a lot of hard work, someone finds a house that looks more satisfactory. When it comes to signing the contract, they will encounter the following problems:

This kind of second-hand sublease where it is unclear who Leaseholder is at the end, if the original tenant himself is encountered, he may be charged with illegal invasion (this story is purely fictitious, any similarity is a coincidence)

Sublet at a premium price

I don't know why it's so difficult to find a reliable sublet now, and I even met a tenant who wants to cut leeks:

Finally, at the insistence of this classmate, the original tenant sent the lease signed with the building at the beginning. I found that the sublease price I got was even more expensive than the Gross price on Lease (the original price before the discount). After a closer look, it turns out that this is a rental after the 2-month Free Month has been completed and the price has been increased.

Many people think that subletting is more cost-effective, but they are often regarded as leeks by others. The advantage of finding a sublease is instantly gone.

Sublet Long Insights


Not only that, the original tenants of the wonderful sublet are really all kinds:

  • Insist on not adding the name to Occupant, resulting in new residents unable to receive express delivery

  • Overcharged rent, normally one month's rent deposit, the tenant has to charge three months' money as a deposit

  • The promised lease term actually exceeded the original lease duration. The original lease term was only 2 months, but it was sublet for 3 months.


A decent building

Earlier move out

In fact, many buildings in New York currently support Earlier Move Out (the Beach, Jackson Park, Alta, etc.) This means that you don't need a Break Lease and pay high liquidated damages.

Inform the building of your move out time (*at least 1 month in advance). The office will rent it out for you. In New York, where housing is so tight, you can find someone to pick up the house within two weeks.

More expensive rentals

Maybe many people will say that subletting is unreliable, but what about the short-term rental of the building? Yes, yes, but the price of official short-term rental houses is high. For example, the price of short term leasing for 6 months on VYV's official website, a popular real estate in NJ, is very expensive. It seems that it is definitely not as cost-effective as directly signing for a year.

Take advantage but not take advantage

Because many people are anxious to return to China, there are still low-cost rentals in fancy buildings in various groups. It looks like it's a leak, but in fact, people who don't have a contract can't use the amenities and various services of the building. Just like the outsider in the building, who doesn't actually enjoy any benefits.


Concluding remarks 

So even if there is no need to rent for one year, everyone can sign with confidence. I hope that in 2022, you can all stay in your favorite home, sweet sweet home.